Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection


The State of Israel reconfirms it’s commitment and support for the development of the health and social protection systems in our country

On December 6, the leadership of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection held a meeting with H.E. Eliyahu Yerushalmi, Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Moldova.


At the beginning of the meeting, General Secretary of State Boris Gîlca expressed his gratitude for the good organization of the recent Moldovan delegation visit to Israel, which was effective and positive. In this respect, he mentioned the importance of this meeting at the Ministry, in order to start the agreed collaboration actions.


In this context, both officials reiterated the need to boost Moldovan-Israeli cooperation in the areas of health, labor and social protection, in order to provide qualitative medical services to the population and protect the Moldovan citizens who are working in the State of Israel.


"We advocate for developing the inter-ministerial partnerships and for taking over Israel's advanced experience in the fields of public health, primary health care, hospital management, hospital sector reform, oncology patients treatment and rehabilitation services. We are also intending to sign the Agreement in the fields of social security and labor. In this context our citizens will benefit from social programs in line with their contributions to the state of Israel, " mentioned Boris Gilca.


In turn, H.E. Eliyahu Yerushalmi thanked the Ministry for openness and continued support to the Jewish community, underlining the importance of continuing the joint projects and ensured that the State of Israel will support the modernization of the healthcare system of the Republic of Moldova.


At the end of the talks, the parties decided to organise official visits at the Ministerial level, study visits of medical staff from our country to the State of Israel in order to take over good health practices. Similarly, in the near future, negotiations will be launched on the signing of the Social Security and Labor Migration Agreement, in order to regulate the temporary employment of Moldovan workers in the State of Israel.