Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection


The Republic of Moldova and Italy discussed the importance of signing the Social Security Agreement.

On January 30th, the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Svetlana Cebotari held a meeting with the Italian Ambassador to Moldova, H. E. Valeria Biagiotti, to discuss the status of the bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and Italy in the field of social security, migration work and child protection, focusing on the process of negotiating the Social Security Agreement between both states.


Svetlana Cebotari mentioned the importance of working with the Government of Italy, as a strategic partner of our country in several areas, highlighting the necessity of signing the Social Security Agreement, in order to secure the rights to social benefits for 200 000 citizens living and working on the territory of Italy.


In turn, H.E. Valeria Biagiotti emphasized Italy’s openness to support the ministry and reiterated its country's interest in urgently negotiating the Agreement. In this context, the delegations of the ministries of the two states will meet and discuss the provisions of the draft Social Security Agreement.


The purpose of the Agreement is to provide a framework for social security guarantees for migrant workers from the Republic of Moldova who carry out or have carried out a work activity and/or who reside on the territory of one or both Contracting States.


Mrs. Ambassador also mentioned that in the context of family reunion, a new project will be launched. In this respect, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova the relatives of the citizens established in Italy will be offered the opportunity to study Italian language courses.


The partnership of collaboration between the Government of Italy and the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the labor migration field started in 2011 after signing the Agreement on labor migration. Based on the provisions of the Agreement, during the years 2012-2013, a series of Italian Language and Civil Education Training Programs for citizens of the Republic of Moldova and potential migrant workers in Italy, were carried out.