Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection


Facilitating the procedure of employment of foreign citizens in the Republic of Moldova

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the List of Priority Occupations, which can be practiced by foreign citizens in our country. The list contains 127 occupations in the fields of information technology, medicine, agriculture, engineering and provision of services.


The purpose of the document is to simplify the procedure for hiring foreign citizens, as well as to meet the needs of employers with the necessary workforce.


The above mentioned list is a new mechanism which will identify the occupations that are requested but not occupied by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. On the other hand it will facilitate granting the right to work for migrants, based on a temporary residence permit for a period of one year, with the possibility of extending this right.


In this context, aliens who will submit their documents under the Priority List will be exempted from obtaining a work permit. The priority occupations included in the list were selected according to the annual labor market forecast developed by the National Employment Agency and the Labor Market Supply-Demand Report.


Thus, for each priority occupation, more than 100 vacancies were registered at the National Employment Agency and the request for replacement could not be satisfied within one month and the ratio between the number of vacancies registered and the number of unemployed registered in these occupations to be at least 2/1.


The list of priority occupations will be updated annually, or if necessary by the Government, based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection request.