Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection


The citizens of the Republic of Moldova who have lived and worked in France will receive reintegration support upon returning to the country

The citizens of the Republic of Moldova who have lived and worked in France will receive reintegration support when returning to the country. They will benefit from material and financial aid for business development, employment, and social inclusion. A collaboration agreement in this regard was signed today, October 2, between the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection and the French Office for Immigration and Integration of the French Republic.


At the press conference, the Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Dr. Anastasia Oceretnii thanked the French Immigration and Integration Office for the opening of this joint program for social reintegration of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.


"The signing of this Agreement is directly related to actions dedicated to citizens returning from abroad, included in the Government's Program of Activities. The agreement will stimulate the voluntary return of our citizens and will help promote similar practices with the other states" mentioned the Deputy Minister.


In his turn, the director of the French Office for Immigration and Reintegration, Mr. Didier Leschi mentioned: "This agreement is of dual importance for the French Republic, first of all it will support the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, who through their activity contributed to the welfare of our country in economic and social terms, and on the other hand it will strengthen Moldovan-French relations by initiating joint projects through their experience".


The agreement provides opportunities for reintegrating the citizens of the Republic of Moldova returning from France by: - providing aid for social reintegration, which includes support provided to beneficiaries and their families for a maximum of 6 months and the financing of the first expenses for family reintegration, etc.; - Reintegration allowance, which provides a part of the gross salary, in addition to the employer's contributions, to be determined together with the recruited candidate's employer for a maximum of 50% during the first year of the employment contract; personalized employee support made by the OFII provider to help him / her better understand the field of work, etc .; - Reintegration aid by starting a business, which includes support for a feasibility study on the business start-up project; financing technical or qualification training, as required by the beneficiary; a financial allocation for the start and implementation of the project, etc.


The implementation of the reintegration aid program will have a positive impact on the labor market and consequently on the efficient regulation of the migration process, being the first Moldovan agreement to reintegrate Moldovan citizens, which will contribute to the economic and social welfare of the population.


The signing of the Agreement results from the Government's Program of Activity for the years 2016-2018 on "Promoting and implementing a complex, multidisciplinary and interinstitutional program for the reintegration of returnees from abroad".


We mention that in the area of labor migration, the Republic of Moldova signed already 6 bilateral agreements with: Russian Federation (1993), Ukraine (1993), Belarus (1994), Azerbaijan (2005), Italy (2011).