Government of Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection


The authorities join forces in preventing and combating violence and child abuse

The Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Dr. Stela Grigoraş, the Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Ms. Monica Babuc and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Alexandru Jizdan mentioned today in a press briefing about the actions taken by the central and local authorities and the intersectoral collaboration on preventing and combating violence against children, including sexual violence.


The action has taken place as a result of several cases of violence against children registered in the last period, which have led to discussions in society and which are of interest to the general public.


Dr. Stela Grigoraş presented the actions of the ministry, together with central and local public authorities, development partners and civil society, on the prevention of child abuse and the elaboration of the legal framework on child protection. In this context, the Minister mentioned the Law no. 140, which requires the employees of the central and local public authorities to work together on the identification, notification and implementation of risk prevention measures for children. Thus, the dynamics of notification of cases of violence and neglect are increasing, if in 2014 there were 1817 complaints registered in 2016- 3438 registered complaints.


In this context, the Minister noted that the increase of the number of complaints should not be associated with the phenomenon, but on the contrary it is the result of increasing the professional capacities and training of professionals from different fields on the implementation of the intersectoral cooperation mechanism.


At the same time, the Minister mentioned about the commitment of the three Ministries to piloting of the National Model of Practices, which aims to strengthen universal services, education, health, public order, providing the necessary support for the child and the family at an early stage. The Minister also emphasized the importance of the amendments to the Family Code, whereby employees of local and central public authorities, as well as individuals, are obliged to hand over cases of violence, neglect or exploitation to the local guardianship authority.


"Each of us must realize that violence of any kind is not a normality and must be condemned and authorities are prepared to intervene in all cases where a child's integrity is jeopardized," the minister mentioned.


The Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Alexandru Jizdan, mentioned about the stage of the case of abuse at Gymnasium nr. 3 and the actions undertaken by the MIA in order to prevent and combat this phenomenon. At the same time, the Minister presented the statistic of the cases registered in the recent years, which shows that the number of persons reporting to the law enforcement authorities about cases of child abuse is increasing, which demonstrates the people's trust in the authorities and their involvement in combating this phenomenon.


The Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Mrs. Monica Babuc, in her turn, reported on the measures taken by the Ministry regarding the case of child abuse in the Gymnasium nr. 3 from Chisinau, but also about the involvement in actions aimed to prevent incidents of abuse in educational institutions.


In the future, the authorities intend to step up preventive actions and increase the quality of early childhood and family consolidation. In this respect, the Government Decision Nr. 270 will be amended and supplemented and the instructions on primary intervention and prevention will be integrated as a first step in the intersectoral cooperation. Similarly, ample communication campaigns in order to inform and raise awareness of the importance of preventing child abuse and addressing abuse will be launched.